"I love family law, it's all I do and all I study."

Jerry Holcomb

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Jerry is running for Jasper County's Division VI of Missouri's 29th Judicial Circuit Court.  As the current Family Court Commissioner, Jerry handles half of the cases in Division VI's Family Court Docket.  Jerry is the perfect candidate to take this seat.  

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"Family court is about problem solving.  It is a process to bring people past a stressful and emotional time in their life as quickly as possible and with civility.  However, at the end of the day it is all about people and children and protecting the interests of all." 

Jerry Holcomb


Jerry's Mission:


"I am proud of the positive relationship that I have with the attorneys that appear before me.   Although they may have a difficult case with difficult clients and issues, they know they can count on a low-stress, low-key environment in my courtroom and friendly service from my staff and me.   The attorneys and litigants know that I am consistent in my decisions and what to expect in my courtroom.  They also know my decision will be prompt and supported by written findings required by law.

"I also maintain the same constructive environment for those appearing before me who are unrepresented.  Missouri courts are to be accessible to all and I endeavor to do this everyday."

Jerry Holcomb